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Ask Chick-E: Sucky Secret Santa

Dear Chick-E, We pulled names at work for our Secret Santa and I got stuck with someone I don’t like.  What do I do? Signed, Stuck-With-A-Sucky-Secret-Santa Dear Stuck-With-A-Sucky-Secret-Santa, In keeping with the holiday spirit, I’m going to suggest you take … Continue reading

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My Friend Kissed My Ex-Boyfriend!

Question: Dear Chick-E, One of my friends kissed my ex-boyfriend.  I’m really mad at her and think she’s a skank.  I’m not friends with her anymore.  Doesn’t she know about the girl code? Answer: Okay, admittedly that wasn’t cool, but … Continue reading

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Loss of Pet

Queston: Dear Chick-E My cat just died and I’m really sad.  I know he was old and it probably was time, but I grew up with him and feel like there is a part missing from my life.  I can’t … Continue reading

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