Loss of Pet


Dear Chick-E

My cat just died and I’m really sad.  I know he was old and it probably was time, but I grew up with him and feel like there is a part missing from my life.  I can’t stop crying, how can I feel better?



Dear Meow-less,

I know it’s hard when you lose a pet.  They become such big parts of our family and our lives and they leave such a big hole behind.  You obviously loved your cat and miss him terribly.   It’s okay to miss him and it’s okay to cry.  Take peace in the fact that you gave him a good life, a good home and lots of love.   It’s one of those aspects of life that we all know, but it never gets easier.  Take comfort knowing in time you will feel better.  You won’t forget him and he will live on in your heart and your memories.  After you have taken some time to heal, maybe you will be ready to share your life with another cat that needs a good home.  He would want you to be happy.

I hope you feel better Meow-Less!

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