My Daughter Won’t Hand in Her Homework!

Dear Chick-E,

My daughter doesn’t hand in her homework – she does her homework, but doesn’t hand it in?  Any thoughts on why and how to get her to do it?

Hopelessly Frustrated

Dear Hopelessly Frustrated,

If you have tried the usual punishments of taking stuff away and that hasn’t worked, maybe sit down and talk to her.  It could be her way of trying to get attention.  See if there is anything bigger bothering her.  Last resort, take her to school every day and go to each of her teacher’s classrooms, with her, and make sure she hands in her homework.  Don’t say anything other than “hello” to the teachers, don’t try to explain, just be there.  Pretty soon she’ll be so happy just to hand in her homework, so you won’t be there.


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