I’m Considering Sending a Sexy Picture of Myself to a Guy That I Like

Dear Chick-E,

I am considering sending a sexy picture of myself to a guy that I like. I’m trying to get his attention and get him to notice me. What do you think?

Invisible But Worth Seeing

Dear Invisible,

What do I think? I think…NO!! NO!! NO!! Don’t do it. It may seem like a silly or fun thing, but if you think a guy – any guy – is going to keep that to himself, you are WRONG! Whether he does it to show off, to make fun of you, or if one of his buddies is going through his phone and finds it, he WILL NOT be the only one to see it. Have respect for yourself. If this isn’t something you would do face-to-face, DO NOT do it over e-mail, texting, Facebook, etc. It will become an embarrassing situation for you and you cannot take it back.


Watch Chick-E’s video answer:


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