We Want to Go to Parties, But We Know There Will Be Drinking…

Dear Chick-E,

All our friends are going to parties and there is drinking there.  I want to go, but I’m afraid I’ll get in trouble, even if I’m not drinking.  What should I do?


Dear Bored,

That’s a very good question.  You want to have fun and hang out with your friends.  I would like to tell you don’t go and just avoid the trouble, but let’s realistic about it.  You may go to a party, where there was not supposed to be any drinking and find out when it’s too late that someone brought alcohol.  There are a few things you have to consider before making your decision, which is ultimately up to you.

1.  If the party were to get busted and the cops showed up, usually they take EVERYONE in.  If they find you were not drinking, they would probably let you go, but they may call your parents first.

2.  Also, many schools have very strict zero tolerance policies.  If you are found to have been drinking at a party, even if it was off school grounds, there could still be repercussions at school.  You could be kicked off your extra curricular activities, i.e. band, football, cheerleading, basketball, chess club, even suspended.  This is a good time to mention, be smart when posting something on the internet!  If someone posts a picture of you with alcohol, as a joke, and even if you didn’t have any, it may come back to bite you.

3.  Most important, let’s discuss your beverage.  This applies to everyone, all the time!  This can happen at a party with your classmates, at a bar, wherever.  If you have a drink DO NOT leave it unattended, EVER!  If you go to the bathroom, make sure you have a friend hold on to it.  Don’t just put it to the side.  Someone could easily slip something into your drink.  If someone seems to be trying to distract you, keep an eye on your drink!  If you are at a party and even if you are not drinking, they may slip some alcohol into your drink, or worse they may slip a drug into your drink.  There have been way too many cases where the date rape drug was put into someone’s drink when they weren’t looking and bad things happened.  Have fun, but don’t be careless and don’t give into the peer pressure.

4.  A good policy to have is to have a an agreement with your friends that you will look out for one another.  If one of you is acting weird, or maybe one of you ended up drinking (on purpose or on accident) make sure your are there each other and get out of there.  Get home!  Everyone has cellphones now, make sure it charged and with you at all times.

Weigh the good against the bad and if you decide not to go to the parties, that’s okay.  Hang out with your good friends and do something fun!

Remember to be true to yourself!


Be Fun.  Be Fabulous.  Be You.

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