My Daughter Won’t Hand in Her Homework!

Dear Chick-E,

My daughter doesn’t hand in her homework – she does her homework, but doesn’t hand it in?  Any thoughts on why and how to get her to do it?

Hopelessly Frustrated

Dear Hopelessly Frustrated,

If you have tried the usual punishments of taking stuff away and that hasn’t worked, maybe sit down and talk to her.  It could be her way of trying to get attention.  See if there is anything bigger bothering her.  Last resort, take her to school every day and go to each of her teacher’s classrooms, with her, and make sure she hands in her homework.  Don’t say anything other than “hello” to the teachers, don’t try to explain, just be there.  Pretty soon she’ll be so happy just to hand in her homework, so you won’t be there.

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Ask Chick-E: Sucky Secret Santa

Dear Chick-E,

We pulled names at work for our Secret Santa and I got stuck with someone I don’t like.  What do I do?



Dear Stuck-With-A-Sucky-Secret-Santa,

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I’m going to suggest you take the high road and be the bigger person.  Buy them something nice and appropriate, but go ahead and keep it generic.  If you have a price limit, work around that.  You can get them a gift card to a coffee shop, or a gift card to a restaurant.  You don’t have to go crazy.  It’s best not to create a hostile situation at work.  Hope that helps.  Keep the questions coming an Happy Holidays to everyone!


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My Friend Kissed My Ex-Boyfriend!


Dear Chick-E,

One of my friends kissed my ex-boyfriend.  I’m really mad at her and think she’s a skank.  I’m not friends with her anymore.  Doesn’t she know about the girl code?


Okay, admittedly that wasn’t cool, but sometimes life is messy.  If she tries to explain, listen to her answer and then decide.  Everyone comes with their own special baggage.  Remember that friends are more important than guys.  Guys come and go, but your friends might be with you forever.  Be mature about it and let her know what you think about what she did and then decide if she’s worth keeping as a friend or not.


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Loss of Pet


Dear Chick-E

My cat just died and I’m really sad.  I know he was old and it probably was time, but I grew up with him and feel like there is a part missing from my life.  I can’t stop crying, how can I feel better?



Dear Meow-less,

I know it’s hard when you lose a pet.  They become such big parts of our family and our lives and they leave such a big hole behind.  You obviously loved your cat and miss him terribly.   It’s okay to miss him and it’s okay to cry.  Take peace in the fact that you gave him a good life, a good home and lots of love.   It’s one of those aspects of life that we all know, but it never gets easier.  Take comfort knowing in time you will feel better.  You won’t forget him and he will live on in your heart and your memories.  After you have taken some time to heal, maybe you will be ready to share your life with another cat that needs a good home.  He would want you to be happy.

I hope you feel better Meow-Less!

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Ask Chick-E: How to Talk to Guys


I’m kind of shy and awkward around guys.  How can I start a conversation with them?

Chick-E’s Answer:

That is a very good question and you are not alone.

1.  Find Common Ground

If you go to school together or have classes together, start a conversation about that.  For example, “I heard it was a great win against Central last week!”  Or, “Is that biology assignment breaking your back too?”

2.  Look for Clues to Give You an Idea of His Interests

If you don’t know him and want to start a conversation, take a close look at what he is wearing and see if you can pick up any clues from that.  Such as, is he wearing a baseball cap with a logo of a football team.  You can say, “How ‘bout them Bears?”

3.  Wing It!

If you can’t pick up any clues whatsoever, then just go up to him and say “Hi”.  Or, ask for directions.  For example, if you are at the mall, say “Excuse me, but do you know where the Food Court is?”(just make sure you aren’t standing right in front of it when you ask).

Keep the questions coming!  If you have any additional advice, please leave it in the comments section.  Let’s help each other!  Send questions to and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook to keep on top of new releases, coupons and advice!


Be Fun.  Be Fabulous.  Be You.

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